Speech-language treatment plans and goals are developed and implemented based upon your child's individual needs. Our certified and licensed speech and language pathologists provide individual therapy either at our office, your home, or within your child's educational setting. Parental involvement is essential for your child's communication success. Parents and caregivers are encouraged to observe therapy sessions and learn to participate in the process. Our services include treatment of the following:

•Apraxia •Articulation Disorders •Augmentative Communication •Auditory Processing •Autism Spectrum Disorders •Central Auditory Processing Disorders •Cochlear Implant Rehabilitation •Developmental Delay •Expressive Language Disorder •Feeding and Myofunctional (Tongue Thrust) Disorders •Fluency Disorders/Stuttering •Hearing Impairment •Learning/Literacy Disorders •Oral-Motor Disorders •Phonological Process Disorders •Receptive Language Disorders •Social-Pragmatic Language Disorders •Voice Disorders