Adult Services

The Speech and Learning Institute, Inc. provides assessment and treatment for adults age 18 to geriatric.  Our services include evaluation and treatment of the following speech and language disorders:

    Auditory Processing
    Augmentative/Alternative Communication
    Cognitive-communication disorders resulting from brain injury
    Language Comprehension
    Motor Speech Disorders
    Myofunctional/Tongue Thrust



Accent Modification

The Speech and Learning Institute, Inc. offers accent modification training.  An assessment is completed to analyze articulation, grammar and voice patterns for non-native Standard American English speakers.  This treatment plan is designed to address specific pronunciation patterns in conversational speech.  Goals are designed to improve the client’s intelligibility when using Standard American English.


Voice Coaching
Voice coaching is used to enhance the client’s voice.  Many professionals use an inappropriate speech rate, speaking pitch, or loudness level.  Our certified clinicians assist clients as they modify their voice to improve their overall vocal presentation.